Greenhouse Plants in Medfield, MA

Most plants can get by on water and sunlight, but some need more than that. Our greenhouse plants in Medfield, MA, thrive on a climate-controlled environment, and when they do, they’re breathtakingly beautiful. The Lovell Florist & Nursery greenhouse is the perfect place to look for new vegetable and flowering plants for your home.

There are plenty of low-maintenance succulent plants for those who would like to bring some green into their home but don’t have much time for plant care. While you shop, you can speak to experienced professionals who are equipped to tell you the plant that best matches your needs and lifestyle. Even if you don’t have a yard, there are plenty of options to enjoy indoors.

No Extra Space Needed

Don’t have much room? No problem. Our indoor hanging plants allow you to enjoy greenery without having to clear a space for it. The new addition is sure to make your home smell better, have cleaner air, and make an excellent first impression on guests. We can teach you how to care for them and sell you the gardening tools to do so.


Start exploring your options now by visiting the plant gurus here at Lovell’s. We love selling our beauties to a good home.