Trees and Shrubs in Medfield, MA

Trees can be one of the best additions you make to your home and lawn. They clean the air, provide shade, reduce water runoff, and can serve as an attractive focal point. Our florist and plant nursery has trees and shrubs in Medfield, MA, available year-round to bring this benefit to our clientele. They arrive at our shop weekly when in season, and many of our seasonal varieties are locally grown. Our tree collection includes:

  • Maple Trees
  • Cleveland Select Pear
  • Florida Dogwood
  • Kousa Dogwood

We Bring the Trees To You

Can’t carry a purchase or fit it in your car? No problem. Our tree nursery offers a delivery service that takes special care of everything we send out. All trees are balled and burlaped for delivery and treated with respect. We can tell you how to get it set up in your yard and how to keep whatever species you choose healthy and growing strong. After decades in business, our crew can keep anything living long and looking good.

Flowering shrubs are another addition you might consider. Shrubbery is more than just bushes; it can include beautiful plants that make any yard magazine-worthy. With the tools in our garden center, you can easily care for them for years.

Evergreens for All Kinds of Weather

As their name suggests, evergreens stay green all year long and don’t lose their leaves. You can enjoy consistent greenery even in the dead of a snowy winter. We can help you choose from a number of fast-growing evergreens, such as:

  • White Pine
  • Norway Spruce
  • Hemlock
  • Green Giants
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae


Please call for availability of specific product variety or size. Due to the volume of business during seasonal times, we have product cycling rapidly with new supplies arriving daily for you to enjoy.

We can bring some wonderful trees to your home. Contact us to make it happen.