Tis the Season

Lovell's Florist & Nursery is here to prepare you for every special day on your calendar by providing a wealth of seasonal plants and flowers in Medfield, MA. From your Halloween pumpkins to your Christmas trees and Easter or Bar/Bat Mitzvah arrangements, we're a one-stop-shop all year long.

Ask about flower arrangements for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, graduations, and Easter. Spring is also the perfect time to plant some new shrubs, flowers, or trees--we have them all in every color. When fall comes around, we can be your pumpkin patch and include orange mums with the pumpkins. We can give you care instructions, sell you the tools you need, and help you get them into your car. In the case of flowers, we can often deliver them too. Shopping with us is always an easy process.

Have questions? Just ask! Our trained staff is ready to help!

Contact us to ask about our stock or to place an order.  We love growing and arranging for our customers!


Two Men Standing by Plants
Group Adding Soil to Pots