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Valentine’s Day at Lovell’s

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is fast approaching.  This is a wonderful time to say “I Love You” to all the special people in your life.  At Lovell’s Florist and Nursery; we have beautiful roses, of course, and also loads of other fragrant spring flowers for all the women in your life. See other gorgeous floral arrangements here! Who doesn’t love receiving flowers anytime of the year? With Valentine’s Day falling on …Read More

What the Color of a Rose Means

  When picking out roses for your special person, it is nice to know the meaning of the different colors so that you can choose the color rose that best expresses your feelings.   Roses have always been a popular flower since they are associated with beauty and love.  Over time, different colored roses came to represent different sentiments.  So to help our customers, we want to give you an outline …Read More