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Keep Your Annuals Blooming

Annuals in Planter
Now that summer is in full swing you may find your annuals looking a little sad. Don’t despair, here are three ways to revive them.

1. Fertilize your annuals: It is time to reapply the fertilizer.   Osmocote is my favorite. You may have Hollytone or Miracle Grow which are both excellent too.

2. Cut back your annual plants about halfway: To refresh your garden you may have to cut back some of the flowers especially on the daisies and dahlias. Don’t be discouraged by the initial look which may seem bare. By doing this, you will encourage new branches to grow and more beautiful flowers to bloom.

3. Deadhead your annuals: Cutting the spent blossoms and removing yellow leaves will help create new flowers and keep your annuals blooming until the first frost which is usually around Oct. 10th.

Lovell's Nursery

If these methods do not work, Lovell’s still has annuals you can purchase to fill in your garden. There is still a lot of summer left so keep up that beautiful garden!

P.S. We carry organic fertilizer too

Best, Laverne

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