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How To Grow A Vegetable Garden

It is Spring. If you want to start a vegetable garden, this is the time to begin!  Many people today like the idea of fresh vegetables but are intimidated by the idea of growing them.

We recommend that you start small and plan to plant a few staples. While the weather is still a little chilly, in early Spring, you can plant cauliflower, broccoli, kale, and/or cabbage.  When the weather gets warmer, plant some tomatoes and peppers.

To begin, find an area in your yard that has good sun and is close to a watering source.

Next, build a small, raised bed no wider than four feet wide so that you can reach into the middle to water and weed without stepping on the soil. Plants like loose soil.  You can use loose rocks or any kind of rot resistant wood to outline the bed.  Once you weed the area, put cardboard down to prevent the weeds from coming back.

Fertilize the soil. (See below for instructions on how to learn exactly what your soil needs)

Lovell's Nursery carries a large variety of starter vegetable plants.

Lovell’s Nursery carries a large variety of starter vegetable plants.

When you are ready to plant, purchase starter vegetable plants.

 Lovell’s has an exceptional variety of quality vegetable plants in our nursery.
Lovell's Garden Center is full of supplies you need.

Lovell’s Garden Center has everything you will need.

We also have the tools and supplies you will need in our Garden Center:  fertilizer,  a metal rake, a trowel  and gardening gloves to begin.


 If you want to learn exactly what your particular soil needs, you can send a sample of your soil to the Soil and Plant Tissue Testing Laboratory at UMass Amherst.   Here is their instructions on taking a good sample: https://soiltest.umass.edu/fact-sheets/sampling-instructions-routine-soil-analysis.  Cost is $15 and you will receive results in approximately one week to ten days.  This information will arm you with the knowledge of exactly what nutrients your soil will need to foster happy plants.

Our staff is always here to help you

Our staff is always here to help you

Again, remember that the staff at Lovell’s is always here to help you!  We are happy to answer any of your gardening questions.

Finally, the best thing about gardening is that you get to spend time outdoors, get some exercise, and reap the results – delicious, homegrown vegetables.  Happy gardening.

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